Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tostitos Art Show

Tostitos Art Show
Video sent by The-Jazzman

I can totally see this happening...

Friday, December 12, 2008

In everything, give thanks ( best read while playing Jolly Old Saint Nicholas...on the right-->)

We are going insane with the dog ritual of shedding! Each day, we diligently sweep the home ten times. At least. This is the wage of puppy ownership and a precursor to the messes we will have to clean up after little ones. However, I grunt and mutter in unison with my husband. Is there no wand to wave that will end this fiasco?
Then, a day later...
A friend was sharing with us that last year, her family put their twelve year old lab to sleep after several complications with his health. The family mourned during the sad December holidays of yesteryear, a family member was now gone. This year, as my friend began to open her holiday ornaments and tinsel, she found her lab fuzzies nestled amongst the decorations. Little fur that caught on everything and drove her mad, brought her to tears, and reminded her of the love she shared with a special dog.
So, today, though I did grunt, I hugged Cooper a tad bit tighter, rubbed his belly a bit longer, and gave thanks for all the things of
the grace and love of God...
my husband who is a popular person of my heart...
my parents and siblings, who have raised me to be here today...
my family around the world, who pray for us and love us and who I always miss and want close by...
my friends far away who know me so well, though years have passed...
my friends not so far away, and the joy they bring to me...
my colleagues at work and how blessed I am to teach with them...
my dog and his shedding coat...

...because we are never promised tomorrow.

Blessed Christmas and holidays to you and all.

Playdough welcome.

So, I always think, on matters of design. I plot my blueprints in rooms, while sitting in any space. Those who know me, know that I am rather sporadic when it comes to redecorating, or getting crafty for any occasion. Or non-occasion:) Recently, for no present reason, I have tried to generate an idea for a room for a child. I am not too comfortable with a crib space, as darling as they may be, but rather one that has the ample features to grow from the nurseryish phase. Pastels are not entirely out, in my book, but are not foundational to the rooms I venture to create. I came across this darling room with features I quite love in Ohdeedoh today ( for those who have no idea what I am talking about, it is a subunit of Apartmentherapy, my cheap schooling on design). Have a look at this medly of color, antique play pieces, vivid pillows and much more. The simplicity and practicality of a door knob fixture, inviting you to some magical land without a door, got my undivided attention and stashed in my mind as a tidbit, I may use.

As a teacher, I have been practicing this funky, uncordinated-cordinated look for the past few years, and agree that there must be structure, and sentiment. The starkness of a nursery in absolute perfect harmony, or the disarray of long forgotten Lego pieces stashed under fading shag carpet-both are extremities, in my mind ( though I know, that long forgotten Lego pieces are a big reality of every child's room). I avoid creating a space where a child does not have creative expression...but there must be structure, for a child to learn how to clear a space and to organize, with time. A form of some balance. And clear spaces are foster innate creativities. Can't you see, I am trying to work on my interactive bookstore idea?:)
I'm 7 years old again, in this room.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Wardrobe and other things...

At the book fair at school last week, a student's family presented me with another Robert Sabuda pop up book, on my favorite...the Chronicles of Narnia. At detention duty, I read the Silver Chair. The duty room has a lovely reading corner so I have helped myself to these novels. It is taking forever to finish it...partly, because I recall the memories of my siblings and myself at the British Council Library in Kuwait, looking for good stories...any story, other than standard text books of school. And partly because it is detention and supervision is key. However, I am imagining again, something that does not come easy and does not end quickly. I need some inspiration for my stories ( so the blog, meek as it may be, has started me out on course for writing other things than dissertation stuff). In our world, while Puddleglum and Talking Owls are a bit precarious, a good tree house will do. I am in possession of a Narnia Wardrobe, as many call the magnanimous piece of furniture in our living room... but tree house...that's a whole different ball park.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Punky Brewster's Tree house, The Wardrobe and other things...

I was completely enamoured by Punky Brewster's tree house, and my child-like wish is that whenever Dwight and I own a home, we have a splendid, sprawling tree that would accommodate a tree house. Yes, a good tree is important, not your average myrtle in front of California's haciendas. Yes, yes I know...scary, too. Children, fractures...all that. Still...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Changeling was pretty a 2.5 hour sort of way. Or was it just the premiere? Anyways, it took all in me to hold my tongue at some of the'll know when you watch. Loosely based on the Chicken Farm Killings in what is now called Mira Loma ( yeah, we're famous out in these parts), and a mother who lost her son in LA, Clint did a pretty good job for his second movie. There is nothing funny about this movie...except for the Del Taco commercial guy reading out a verdict in court. Hard to miss that one.
All in all...a good one, folks. Night.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Friends

We are grateful for the travels our families have encountered in their raised us with the keen ability to adjust to new homes and food, schools and playgrounds. We are even more grateful when visits from old friends speckle our days with impromptu runs to LA and San Diego, or just for good creme brulee at the Yard House. Samantha and Alden dropped in from Dubai, and have left us to travel the Americas. Gosh, we miss them. It reminded me, of the joy of girlfriend talks and nonsensical giggles late into the night such as when Alden stole Joanne's slipper under the restaurant table, leaving her to wonder if an imaginary cleaning lady swept it out on accident. It was especially hilarious because Joanne had sincere concerns about walking out of the restaurant with the unusual fashion of one slipper. Come back again, you can steal her 'chapals' any time. That, or move to Houston:)

I hope they don't kill me for this...the lovebirds had a California dreaming moment with Patrice Gaspard-Nelson ( she got me into this blogging habit AND she's a brilliant artist) who, at short notice, captured their love and friendship.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Cooper Wishes You a Happy Sabbath

This hunk of a hundred-pounds-Chocolate-Labrador has taken over many hearts in the Barrett and Sturt households. You will quickly forget he is a dog, and find yourself chatting with him as his piercing eyes do all the talking. Come by and see for yourself:)

True TGIF is all about Tea

A good cup of tea with cardamom, that's TGIF.

What's with the blog name?

What is pepperwater? Rice and peas? Key ingredients to the cultures of our lives. Tune in as we make amateur attempts to share in cyber world. In the mean time, here are a few recipes; Anglo-Indian pepperwater ( otherwise known as rassam or mulligatwany, as spelled by culinary linguists). Great for clearing the sinuses and even better with 'fry'.

And rice and peas- a staple in Jamaican homes, and I am a die-hard fan after a visit to Faith's Pen on the island. Simple, warm and comforting.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have arrived

Finally, a post for our family!