Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good Friends

We are grateful for the travels our families have encountered in their raised us with the keen ability to adjust to new homes and food, schools and playgrounds. We are even more grateful when visits from old friends speckle our days with impromptu runs to LA and San Diego, or just for good creme brulee at the Yard House. Samantha and Alden dropped in from Dubai, and have left us to travel the Americas. Gosh, we miss them. It reminded me, of the joy of girlfriend talks and nonsensical giggles late into the night such as when Alden stole Joanne's slipper under the restaurant table, leaving her to wonder if an imaginary cleaning lady swept it out on accident. It was especially hilarious because Joanne had sincere concerns about walking out of the restaurant with the unusual fashion of one slipper. Come back again, you can steal her 'chapals' any time. That, or move to Houston:)

I hope they don't kill me for this...the lovebirds had a California dreaming moment with Patrice Gaspard-Nelson ( she got me into this blogging habit AND she's a brilliant artist) who, at short notice, captured their love and friendship.


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