Friday, December 12, 2008

Playdough welcome.

So, I always think, on matters of design. I plot my blueprints in rooms, while sitting in any space. Those who know me, know that I am rather sporadic when it comes to redecorating, or getting crafty for any occasion. Or non-occasion:) Recently, for no present reason, I have tried to generate an idea for a room for a child. I am not too comfortable with a crib space, as darling as they may be, but rather one that has the ample features to grow from the nurseryish phase. Pastels are not entirely out, in my book, but are not foundational to the rooms I venture to create. I came across this darling room with features I quite love in Ohdeedoh today ( for those who have no idea what I am talking about, it is a subunit of Apartmentherapy, my cheap schooling on design). Have a look at this medly of color, antique play pieces, vivid pillows and much more. The simplicity and practicality of a door knob fixture, inviting you to some magical land without a door, got my undivided attention and stashed in my mind as a tidbit, I may use.

As a teacher, I have been practicing this funky, uncordinated-cordinated look for the past few years, and agree that there must be structure, and sentiment. The starkness of a nursery in absolute perfect harmony, or the disarray of long forgotten Lego pieces stashed under fading shag carpet-both are extremities, in my mind ( though I know, that long forgotten Lego pieces are a big reality of every child's room). I avoid creating a space where a child does not have creative expression...but there must be structure, for a child to learn how to clear a space and to organize, with time. A form of some balance. And clear spaces are foster innate creativities. Can't you see, I am trying to work on my interactive bookstore idea?:)
I'm 7 years old again, in this room.

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